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Andria S. Hudson

M e s s e n g e r | M e nt o r | M o t I v a t o r | M o g u l

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Andria Hudson is an acclaimed speaker who has risen to national and international prominence through delivering a message of hope and transformation for all people. As an authoritative and motivating voice, Andria's passion is to empower mankind to live without regrets and discover their inherent purpose. Through many challenges, she has developed an unwavering faith and a steadfast commitment to personal development and growth. She is a woman that functions in many capacities.


As an entrepreneur, she is the founder and CEO of ASH Enterprises Inc., a corporation and lifestyle brand focusing on consulting and empowerment for business and the arts. ASH Enterprises hosts women’s conferences, business symposiums, professional development seminars, and provides branding and image consulting. Andria’s charge is relinquishing the status quo mentality among business owners. In her eyes no business is small, just emerging, and even larger businesses have the ability to scale to higher dimensions through proper preparation and coaching. 


Additionally, Andria has produced several theatrical productions giving countless opportunities to actors and actresses. Her credits include “Twisted Passions”, “Worth the Wait Too”, and “Leading While Bleeding”. With over 25 years of experience in theater, her dramatic prowess has enabled her to sell out each show she has produced leaving crowds in anticipation of the next production or a potential tour.


Andria is a graduate of Lewis University holding a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in Journalism. This has enabled her to also become an accomplished award-winning author. She is the author of several books including, "He Saved the Best for Last", "The Power Life", and "The Passion and The Price." Her expertise in writing has awarded her the opportunity to mentor aspiring playwrights and authors and eventually witness the success of her advice and wisdom materialize. 


A woman of style and elegance, Andria is a former model and beauty pageant queen and was awarded the title of Miss Northern Illinois. Andria was also the recipient of the She Rocks It Award for Women in Leadership. She has been featured on the following:

  • The BOSS Network

  • Mielle Refresh Retreat

  • Christopher Kai's The Gifters Podcast

  • Voyage Chicago

  • The Word Network

  • Inspiration 1390AM

  • iHeart Media

  • Black Women’s Expo


Andria is the embodiment of a true renaissance woman. Her passion is unmatched, her faith is unparalleled, her strength is unlimited, and her determination is unmovable. She is currently a resident of Illinois and is the proud wife of Archbishop William Hudson III, senior Pastor of The Powerhouse Chicago. Andria serves as Assistant Pastor and serves alongside her husband, teaching and training pastors, and their spouses throughout the nation.

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