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Andria S. Hudson

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Andria Hudson has gained widespread recognition across the country and around the world as an outstanding public speaker who inspires people with a message of optimism and positive change. She is dedicated to empowering all individuals to live life to the fullest without regrets and find meaning and purpose within themselves. Despite facing many difficulties, Hudson has cultivated an unshakable belief and dedication to self-improvement and advancement. She is a multifaceted woman who excels in many roles and pursuits.


Andria graduated from Lewis University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, focusing on Journalism. This educational background has helped her become a successful, prize-winning writer. She has penned multiple books, including "He Saved the Best for Last", "The Power Life", and "The Passion and The Price." Her skill as an author has enabled her to guide up-and-coming playwrights and writers. She has had the satisfaction of seeing her counsel and wisdom come to fruition in their work.


As a business owner, she founded Andria S. Hudson Enterprises Inc., a company and lifestyle brand that provides consulting and empowerment services for ministry and the marketplace. ASH Enterprises has been in business for 10 years providing conferences for women, webinars for business owners, and offering spiritual mentorship and professional development to leaders globally.

Andria, a lady exuding grace and sophistication, has a background as a model and winner of a beauty pageant, earning her the prestigious title of Miss Northern Illinois. Additionally, Andria has been recognized with the esteemed She Rocks It Award for her exceptional leadership skills. Her accomplishments have been showcased in various media outlets, including:

  • The BOSS Network

  • Mielle Organics Secret Sauce to Success Retreat

  • Christopher Kai's The Gifters Podcast

  • Voyage Chicago

  • The Word Network

  • iHeart Media

  • Black Women’s Expo

  • The Chicago Defender


Andria is an example of a modern Renaissance woman. She possesses boundless enthusiasm, unwavering conviction, and an unshakable resolve. Currently residing in Illinois, she is the devoted wife of Archbishop William Hudson III, the Senior Pastor of The Powerhouse Chicago. In her role as Assistant Pastor, she works hand in hand with her husband to educate and prepare pastors and their spouses across the world for excellence in ministry.

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